Wednesday, May 18, 2005

E3 exhibit highlights

despite the lead up and anticipation about all three next generation consoles, the Xbox 360 is the only next generation console that can be played at this year's E3 conference. here is the new wireless controller...

- the Xbox 360 controller

the EA booth is spectacular. you enter a round area approx. 70 ft. across, above you there is a 360-degree large screen - you find yourself in the middle of the EA demos.

- EA's impressive E3 wraparound screen

not only is the EA booth a really cool exhibit, you can also play Need For Speed on the Xbox 360.

- Need For Speed live on the Xbox 360

the Nintendo Revolution is the most glaring omission at this year's show. the cool thing to come out of the Nintendo exhibit is the Nintendo Micro

- the Nintendo Micro

the major presentations had lines that surpassed three hours - I'll be waiting until tomorrow to check those out.

some cool looking games:

- starcraft ghost (they politely asked me not to take any pictures of their demo)
- quake 4
- battlefield 2
- in the originality category, jaws looks pretty cool.

and of course, the Halo 2 map pack. terminal and backwash are playable at E3.

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