Sunday, September 03, 2006

XNA spacewar

I recently posted a message about the exciting XNA Game Studio Express release. this is a fantastic move by microsoft that will eventually allow anyone to develop games for the Xbox 360.

as microsoft wrote to XNA Beta participants, "The Microsoft XNA team is pleased to inform you that the Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express (Beta) is now available at the Microsoft Download Center from the following location:"

after you get GSE, you can build the spacewar project and play the game.

- the spacewar title screen

- old school spacewar

- fancy

as for playing spacewar without a keybaoard, a game developer friend of mine who teaches at BCIT, sent me this advice:

it is possible to get Spacewar working with the keyboard by uncommenting the #declare on the first line in gamepadhelper.cs. to make it work with my NVidia card I had to add the line
graphics.AllowMultiSampling = false; after the graphics component declaration on the line:

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