Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3 finish the frustration

I previously whinged about my Xbox 360 crashing. now I'll vent a little bit more. the replacement machine literally crashed within five minutes of turning it on. so the biggest game launch in history is upon us, and I'm left out of the rumble until I get the replacement replacement. arghhh!

I just sent the Xbox Global Marketing team an e-mail about these issues. as a professional courtesy, I'll give them a chance to respond before I publish the e-mail.

update: they did respond and said that they are taking the problem seriously and have allocated roughly one billion to deal with defects.

as if to mock me further... MS is sending me e-mails reminding me of what I'm missing.

- MS e-mail about the Halo 3 launch


Unknown said...

Wow, that's not even fair. Do they have overnight shipping for Halo-published authors?

Unknown said...

it's been nearly a month since this Halo 3 post. did you get your box? have you been playing (and as a result, not blogging?)

what're your thoughts on the game? are there any different strategies you would change from your Halo 2 Combat Guide to better suit Halo 3?

Stephen Cawood said...

thx digger. yes, I finally got a working 360 two weeks ago. I played for two days and then I flew out to Vancouver to start a new job with Metalogix Software--they do migration solutions for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). so I was on the road and only got back a few days ago. since then I've been using what time I have on the campaign. I haven't played multiplayer since the beta, so I don't have an informed opinion at this point. when I get back to it, I'm sure I'll be learning the hard way :)