Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How to Create a Kid-safe YouTube Playlist

Now that I've got the Beta of Hive Video live, I'd like some feedback, so I'm getting the word out about some of the best use cases for this free application. While it's true that Hive Video is the simple alternative to video editing, it's also true that there's more to the app than creating free highlight reel playlists from YouTube videos.

free kid-safe video playlists on tunnel video

Two use cases that are perfect for Hive Video are easily creating replay highlights for sports teams and kid-friendly video playlists for parents. In this post, we'll dive into the second one...

As a stay-at-home dad, I'm well aware of one of the modern parenting difficulties: limiting screen time and controlling what your kids are watching. Hive Video highlight reels solve many issues:

  • since you only add the videos you want, you always know what your kids are watching
  • you can set the start and end time of each clip, so you also know exactly which part of each video your children are seeing
  • all of the content is streaming from YouTube, but since you're not on the YouTube site (or app), there are no comments and no recommended videos
tunnel video free highlight reel playlists for YouTube
Even the YouTube Kids app does not address these issues because suggested videos are easily accessible to little fingers. It drives my wife crazy when our kids are watching a video and they start tapping around to open up other videos. Even if you're sitting next to them, they can do it too quickly for you to stop them, and then they want to watch those other videos they discovered. In our house, it's the unboxing videos that always used to come up--that is before we created Hive Video playlists.

Try the free Hive Video app and I recommend you register (also free) so you can manage multiple highlight reels under your account.

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