Saturday, March 31, 2018

Using PS3 wireless controllers with SUMOSYS

I got some inexpensive unofficial PS3 wireless controllers for my SUMOSYS retro game console and the standard setup instructions didn't work. Here's how I got them working with SUMOSYS 700.

1. Connect one working default controller and one new wireless controller (with the USB cable).
(In my case the wireless controller was constantly vibrating--don't worry about this.)
2. Go to the menu, choose controller setup and select the buttons. The controller should now work with the cable attached (but possibly still vibrating).
3. Detach the cable from the new controller and go to the controller menu again with the controller flashing for Bluetooth connection. I didn't have to do anything else here--it just found it.
4. The wireless controller was now working, so I unplugged the old wired controller, went to the controller menu and assigned the new controller to P1 (player 1 in games).
5. Used the menu to shut down. This saves the first controller.
Repeat the process for the other controllers, but you can skip connecting the wired controller since you have a working wireless controller to navigate through the menus.

I tried 1942 and Mario Kart and they work great so far. Big improvement!

Note: to exit games, I use Start + Hotkey (which I set to the Home button)

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