Thursday, February 16, 2006


update: now that blogger has a taxonomy system, I will not be maintaining these manual lists. please use the labels instead. e.g., gaming or modding

geeklit posts about video games and modding:

August 2006:
XNA Game Studio Express
robotron 2084 strategy
xbox creators' club

July 2006:
halo2ce deserves credit

June 2006:
black art book on
buzz about halo black art book
violent games debate explodes
black art of Halo mods is out!

May 2006:
Halo 3 E3 trailer

March 2006:
Halo 3 an RTS?
Halo 3 fix wish list

February 2006:
top game controller laziness
Halo 2 PC announced

January 2006:
Marathon on your PC news

December 2005:
prometheus - the future of modding
game testers need cheaper TVs
video game awards for actors 2005
Northy's Grim Hearse mod

November 2005:
xbox 360 launch fake comic
halo 2 hacks on
halo on Xbox 360... nice
halo 2 hacks - errata
modding Halo considered harmful?
black art of Halo mods status
mod chips legal down under

October 2005:
Insolence - funny error message
interview with Xbox 360 Force

September 2005:
next gen revolution
halo 2 hacks is out!

August 2005:
black art of halo mods - credits

July 2005:
GTA hoolpa - mods maligned again
modding is good

May 2005:
O'Reilly network article about E3
E3 wrap-up
E3 exhibit highlights
live from L.A. - the Sony PS3
Xbox 360 revealed
next generation games
Xbox 360 leaked images
video game law blog

April 2005:
Doom III - mini review
new maps for Halo 2
Halo 2 ver. 1.1
hacked game variants and profiles
Halo 2 Hacks - full credits

March 2005:
halo 2 battle guide sold out
leaked info about Halo 2 ex-pack
injecting Doom texture into Halo 2
best Halo 2 mods
frustrating Halo strategies
best halo resource sites
Doom "1" on my Xbox
Xbox 2 - specs from GameSpy
cool article: Halo's Pillar of Autumn
halo 2 battle guide - addendum

February 2005:
xbox 2 hard drive?
covering E3 conference for o'reilly
modded xbox sting
Halo book for Sams
hx of video games
halo 2 battle guide - errata
Halo 2 Hacks for O'Reilly
halo 2.5 and xbox 2?
the Halo 2 battle guide
xbox burn - the power cord recall

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